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Our Story

Our founder started his career as a choreographer.  At the end of his first tour, he received career advice to become an entrepreneur.  Over the next 20+ years, that's what he's been doing ~ BIG TIME.

Our Industry

Business incubators and venture capital firms assist thousands of tech startups every year. But there isn't a company focused on assisting entertainment entrepreneurs with their startups.



What we do

Huffman.co is a startup business creator for entertainment, marketing and technology entrepreneurs. Using our best-practice process, we create companies that should exist and partner with the best leaders; team members and partners who help us succeed.

How we do it

We use our capital, best-practice process and network of leaders, team members and partners to help ourselves, entrepreneurs and businesses grow startups into success companies.

Why we do it

We believe that we are in the creator’s age. And entertainment, marketing and tech entrepreneurs have the greatest potential to join forces to create game changing companies. Huffman makes that happen.